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I have never seen a home as a place. A home is people. That is the core of our design philosophy – people. Understanding the people that will buy your home, and creating an environment that will spark their imagination.


The homes that we “dress” are not a reflection of our client’s personal taste and style. We are home stagers, not interior designers, our job is to analyze the property and design a space that will ensure a fast and easy sale.


Is it easy? No. However, it is incredibly rewarding having assisted in the sale of over $190,000,000 worth of real estate in Southern Nevada alone.


Angelic Ferguson, Founder/CEO


After accumulating years of experience in real estate and construction, Angelic and I realized the positive impact staging had on the sale of our investment properties. This led us to create one of Las Vegas’s most reputable home staging services.

Our clients trust us to create environments that will both excite, and put prospective buyers at ease. We learn and grow from every project, and apply what we’ve learned to the next.

The luxury home business demands, patience, integrity, and discipline and we are pleased to have worked with some of the most distinguished Brokers, Realtors, and homeowners in Southern Nevada.

Our concepts has been featured in over a dozen episodes of HGTV (America’s Ugliest Home Makeover), and we have been featured in dozens of local and International design magazines.

Scott Ascherman, CFO


Raquel Lopez, Assistant Stager/Interior Design -

Allison Dewolf, Assistant Stager/Interior Design -

Matt Dewolf, Management & Operations -

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